British Isles Railway Atlas – PDF Download


This is a downloadable PDF file of the British Isles Railway Atlas for use on your computer, tablet or smartphone. With this you can also print off disposable maps specific to your trip.
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Pages print to A4 Size

17 main maps + 20 Enlargement maps + 1 Overview map + 3 mark-up maps

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Version Date 18-01-24

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About the British Isles Railway Atlas

This is a fully detailed atlas of the railways of the U.K. and the Irish Republic.
It has been expanded from the Britain & Ireland pages of the Regional Series with twenty new englargement pages, numerous insets and enhancements and shows the following:

  • All national network railways
  • Purpose built high speed lines
  • Main lines
  • Secondary lines
  • Freight lines
  • Electrification systems
  • Timetable numbers
  • Heritage railways
  • Narrow gauge lines (with gauges)
  • Nearly 6,000 stations and other locations with the more important ones picked out in red
  • A full index of all locations and heritage railways
  • Triple and quadruple track lines are distinguished 
  • Metros and the London Underground 
  • Passing places on single lines 
  • All tunnel names and lengths 
  • Junction names 
  • An overview map of Great Britain giving an at-a-glance view of the whole network 
  • Mark-up maps of passenger railways to record the lines you’ve travelled over 
  • Station 3-Character Codes in the index – NEW
  • Welsh, Irish and Gaelic station names added to the index – NEW