ERA – Regional Series, Book 1 Printed Book


Covers Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

124 pages

81 maps

A4 size

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Version Date: v1 21-05-22 (v2 Second printing with updates to 16-03-23)

Posted 2nd class within the U.K. or Air Mail abroad, normally the same or next working day.

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About the Regional Series

The Regional Atlas Series is a development of the original European Railway Atlas and is aimed at those railway enthusiasts, travellers and railway professionals who want greater detail at a larger scale.

Each atlas includes:

  • All passenger, freight and proposed lines (some metros are excluded or simplified)
  • All stations on the national networks
  • Heritage railways and cycle-trolley lines
  • Electrification systems and track gauges
  • Main lines distinguished from secondary
  • Single track distinguished from multiple
  • A full index of stations and heritage railways, together with weblinks

Each book is A4 sized, soft-backed and stitch-bound.

Each atlas has the key in English and nineteen other European languages. Click here to download all twenty available languages.

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