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Mike-Ball   Hello, I’m Mike Ball and welcome to the website of the European Railway Atlas.

I began this project in the late ‘eighties in the days before personal computers and the internet. At that time there was nothing to help enthusiasts make sense of the mysterious and confusing geography of Europe’s dense railway network with all its track gauges, electrification systems, thousands of stations and hundreds of heritage lines.

That project has matured into atlases of varying detail to suit the traveller, enthusiast and transport professional…

  • European Railway Atlas (All-Europe Tourist Edition). Covers the whole of Europe and includes 8,000 of the more important stations. Ideal for those who may not have a special interest in railways but want to travel Europe by train. A4 size, hardback.
  • European Railway Atlas (All-Europe Enthusiast Edition) NEW EDITION – JUST OUT! Shows all of Europe’s railways in a single volume and includes around 23,000 locations. It includes such things as electrification systems, gauges and heritage railways. Ideal for the enthusiast and railway professional. A4 size, hardback
  • Regional Series of fourteen comb-bound books. These expand on the Enthusiast Edition to show all stations.

After an interruption of several years the atlases are now available as a PDF Download only option again. This is especially useful for overseas customers for whom the postage charge on printed books can quite expensive.

Each atlas is now available as a …

  • Printed Book
  • Digital PDF Download or
  • Printed Book & Digital PDF Bundle

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