Enthusiast Atlas

The All-Europe Enthusiast Edition of the European Railway Atlas depicts the national network railways of Europe (everywhere west of the Russian border) in an easy-to-read full colour format.

Intended for the railway professional, enthusiast and general traveller alike, the atlas shows around 23,000  selected locations, which should cover everywhere the traveller is likely to want to visit.

All passenger, freight and proposed lines are shown, as are most heritage railways, though most metros are excluded. Main lines are distinguished from secondary and single track from multiple. Electrification systems and track gauges are shown and there is a full index of stations and heritage railways. The atlas also has the key in twenty European languages – download a PDF here.

If you want even more detail, including all national network stations please have a look at my Regional Series Atlas series.

European Rail Atlas displayed on a phone
PDF download for use on your phone

The atlas is A4 size and cardback. You can download a PDF sample of the atlas here.

It’s available with or without a pdf download of the book to load onto your your computer, tablet or smartphone. With this you don’t even need to take the printed book with you when travelling and can simply print off disposable maps specific to your trip. The PDF download is also available separately.

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