Updates and Corrections

The European railway network is changing constantly and no atlas can ever be completely up to date. To help you keep up with the situation you can download files which list those changes and corrections that I am aware of.

Some very minor changes and certain changes too complicated to describe have been omitted.

For items updated during 2018 please click the Dropbox link here
For items updated during 2017 please click the Dropbox link here
For items updated between 09-07-14 and 31-12-16 please click the Dropbox link here

If you have any new information or corrections for future editions please let me know via the contact form – thanks!

Key to the Maps

The All-Europe atlas has the key in 20 European languages, while each Regional Atlas has the Key in English and the most suitable languages for the area depicted.
New – now includes Ukrainian.

Download an Adobe Acrobat file with all 20 available languages

If I don’t have a key in your language and you would like to provide one please contact me
I would especially welcome keys in Serbo-Croat (Latin and Cyrillic), Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian.