European Railway Atlas

Mike-Ball Hello, I'm Mike Ball and welcome to the website of the European Railway Atlas.

I began this project in the late 'eighties in the days before personal computers and the internet. At that time there was nothing to help enthusiasts make sense of the mysterious and confusing geography of Europe's dense railway network with all its track gauges, electrification systems, thousands of stations and hundreds of heritage lines.

That project has grown into two products ideal for the general enthusiast and traveller: The European Railway Atlas (All-Europe Concise Edition) which shows all of Europe's railways in a single volume, but only the more important stations. Then, for those who want even more detail, there is my Regional Series. This covers the whole of Europe at larger scales and shows all stations. Plus, when you order direct from me you also get a FREE pdf file of the book/s to download onto you smartphone, tablet or computer.

Please have a look around...